Calgary based McIntyre Crane & Rigging Ltd. provides personalized service and responsiveness


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Calgary based McIntyre Crane & Rigging Ltd. offers a full range of equipment and services to meet clients’ demands. As a smaller, open shop contractor, the company provides personalized service.

Dallas McIntyre, company founder and president, says that with time, McIntyre has added equipment that “allows us to be a bit better at dealing with all our clients’ needs. We can now transport larger loads as well as set bigger loads or higher and further away with our 100 tonne crane.”

While there are larger companies who offer similar services, McIntyre says the clients he deals with appreciate a more personal service level. He says they also understand that safety, quality and commitment reflect individuals, not the company size. “Our commitment is to treat people the way we want to be treated, to find solutions and then get the work done and to do what we say we are going to do.”

McIntyre employs 10 and all of his clients have direct access to him directly. “My card has my personal cell phone number on it and I can be reached on it 24/7. Dealing this directly clients are never caught up in red tape or finding the right person to speak with.”

He says he and his staff all do the best job they can and says they hold themselves accountable. While the company must have policies and procedures in place to protect clients, employees, and the general public, he says staff are given the authority to treat each client as an individual and each job or project as its own.

This does not mean the company lacks expertise or experience in creating its policies and procedures. Rather, McIntyre says his company has built its safety manuals, not only from its own operating procedures but also off of the policies of larger companies McIntyre works for. “This gives us the advantage of all the best of the best policies, procedures and practices to incorporate into our safety culture.”


His clients, he says, also appreciate dealing with a local company because they know profits stay local and are reinvested locally also. “This is key to the strength of our own economy. Many large corporations take their profits out of the province or country.”

He says all of this relates to the customer centric focus often found in smaller companies who work harder to impress clients and keep them coming back.

McIntyre’s clients include HVAC companies, commercial roofing businesses and others who work with powerlines and communication towers. “We also load out for transport companies. We are really quite diverse; we go anywhere and can tackle almost anything. You name it and we have been there.”

He says, for instance, the company will take on projects in transporting and industrial moving. This may include craning a unit onto a truck trailer, delivering it to the site, offloading it and then moving it inside a building into a specified location for a fixed cost. “Over the years I have moved many fun items including 200-year old fireplaces, crematoriums and such.”

McIntyre Crane & Rigging has a variety of equipment for sale or rent including skidsteers, spreaders, gravel buckets, rigging and outrigger mats. It can provide industrial moving and man basket services and has worked across the province.

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