Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) reaches milestone with 10,000+ Active COR certified firms


Mark Buckshon
Canadian Design and Construction Report staff writer

The Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) says it has achieved a significant milestone in occupational health and safety with the attainment of more than 10,000 active Certificate of Recognition (COR) certified firms across the nation.

“The Certificate of Recognition (COR) program, promoted and regulated by CFCSA, has long been recognized as the national standard for an occupational safety and health management system in the Canadian construction industry,” CFCSA says in a November statement. “The achievement of this milestone demonstrates the commitment of employers, employees, and safety professionals across the country to maintaining accredited standard of safety within their organizations.”

CFCSA says COR (a registered trademark) certification involves rigorous evaluations of an organization’s health and safety management system.

“It encompasses hazard identification, risk assessment, and effective control measures, ensuring that Canadian firms are equipped to handle the unique challenges of the construction industry,” the statement says. “This program provides companies with a competitive edge while fostering a culture of safety and reducing workplace incidents.”
CFCSA says that firms holding this accreditation experience an average of 18% lower injury rates compared to non-certified firms. This statistic is supported by comprehensive research papers, which are available on the CFCSA website here.


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