Canamould Extrusions Inc. – Time saving, cost effective and durable pre-coated architectural foam shapes solve EIFS challenges


    Canadian Design and Construction Report special feature

    Canamould Extrusions Inc. manufactures pre-coated architectural foam shapes. The company’s wide range of products are time saving, cost effective and durable, and offer solutions for the growing EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system) demand, as well as architectural products for interior and exterior uses.

    General manager Bruno Aletto says that for almost two decades Canamould Extrusions Inc. has worked with architects, builders, contractors and homeowners to add three-dimensional bling to EIFS cladding and interior projects. “We are an integral part of the EIFS system, adding the detailing and design elements architects and building owners want. Our solutions also provide architectural interest, both inside and out, that tenants and homeowners want.”

    The company has grown since 1993 into a 70,000 sq. ft. innovative and progressive manufacturing facility, able to develop and build its own processes and machinery to continue to evolve its product line which includes more than 11 different patented products.

    Aletto notes that all of the CANAMOULD™ products are tested and proven to meet industry standards and that a detailed technical guide ensures architects and builders understand the potential of the pre-coated foam shapes and how they must be installed.

    Canamould Extrusions Inc. works with the industry and studies market trends, investing in new designs and products to meet demands. Products such as the TRIMROC™ Interior Plaster Mouldings line replaces the look and feel of plaster with a durable, seamless and lighter weight alternative and is quick and easy to install.

    Exterior products, ranging from trim and sills to cornices and stone caps, offer detailing that is durable, light weight, and cost effective, both from a product and installation time aspect.

    Working in conjunction with Modular Arts, Canamould also offers a range of InterlockingRock™ Tiles. For use on feature walls or back splashes, Aletto says these elegant, durable and fire safe tiles provide detail and interest easily.

    The company also carries a full line of mantels made from real limestone. Stone Castings Natural Limestone Fireplaces are available in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes ranging from complete plugins to custom combinations.

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