CCA introduces mentorship pilot program

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Image from Canadian Construction Innovations (CCI) website

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA), with support from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research and Program (NRC IRAP) and Canadian Construction Innovations (CCI), has introduced a mentorship pilot program.

This program will match aspiring entrepreneurs who are creating new solutions for the construction industry with industry leaders to help hone the ideas or the roll out plans.

“CCA’s mission is to inspire a progressive, innovative and sustainable construction industry that consistently acts with integrity,” CCA president Mary Van Buren said in a statement. “One of the challenges for businesses developing new solutions is gaining access to executives in the industry to get feedback on their solution and to gain adoption,” she said. “Likewise, it can be difficult for the industry to learn about leading-edge technology, innovations or solutions that can dramatically improve their businesses.”

An advisory committee of nine CCA and CCI board members from across Canada is assisting with identifying and matching mentors. “Our goal is to make this a permanent program to spark innovation in construction by connecting the industry to leading-edge entrepreneurs,” Van Buren said.

The program is in a pilot phase until March 31.

Firms interested in participating in the mentorship program should contact


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