Dodge Data & Analytics expands coverage of Canadian construction projects

Dodge data

New York City based Dodge Data & Analytics says it has partnered with several large Canadian construction associations to significantly increase the volume of projects and documents reported and provide better value and coverage to its customer base.

This initiative indicates a return to the market with characteristics dating to several years ago when Dodge was a part of McGraw-Hill and competed with other data service providers in the Canadian market, before pulling back in a deal with MERX.

Enhancing its offering in key Canadian provinces, Dodge says it has entered exclusive relationships with the British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA) and the majority of local construction associations within Ontario. Leveraging the analytical capacity and combined data sets of all parties, Dodge will further develop Canadian economic- and construction-related materials and forecasts for association members and Dodge customers, the company says in a statement.

“Through these strategic partnerships, Dodge is doubling down on Canadian construction and reaffirming its commitment to providing unparalleled market insights on Canadian construction activity,” said Dodge CEO Mike Petrullo. “As always, we will continue to seek new Canadian sources to enhance our coverage and the value we offer the industry.”

The addition of new sources and the increased availability of documents has already fueled significant growth in Dodge’s collection of Canadian projects and associated plans and specifications, and Dodge anticipates further substantive increases in Ontario, which represents about 40 per cent of Canadian construction activity.

Dodge Data & Analytics has traditionally served the Canadian market through a number of other channels on an ongoing basis, including:

Annual Canadian Outlook: Dodge’s Canadian senior economist Richard Branch delivers a Canada-specific construction activity forecast at its annual Construction Outlook Executive Conference and makes frequent related presentations throughout the year.

Canadian Construction Forecasting Service (CCFS): The semi-annual CCFS provides a detailed outlook for Canadian construction with a focus on broader economic trends in the country that can have an impact on the industry. It includes a five-year forecast of building permits for 15 structure types, covering the nation, provinces and 10 largest metropolitan areas.

Local presence: Dodge maintains an office in Vancouver, which supplements the BCCA relationships within the province.

“Taken together, Dodge’s strategic relationships and activities in Canada attest to a firm and growing commitment to the Canadian market and to the quality of Dodge data,” the company says in its statement. “Additional analytics content is anticipated as an outgrowth of these relationships.”

A Dodge-hosted webinar focusing on Dodge’s data collection process, “Demystifying the Data – 6 Truths,” is being planned for Thursday, April 5. Click here to register.


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