DY Concrete Pumps Inc. Korean Concrete Pump manufacturer changing the industry by providing high quality concrete pumps in North America


Established in 1992, DY Concrete Pumps has earned a reputation for quality and competitive pricing with its Korean manufactured pumps. The company’s presence has grown to include Cairo, Georgia and Calgary.

Upon reviewing the company’s website, refined manufacturing is behind the quality of DY products. Built on a rolling assembly line that streamlines efficiency, the result is described as a “consistent, quality product that doesn’t change with each production” simplifying fleet management. Common parts that are interchangeable between models also reduces the number of parts end-users will stock to maintain a fleet.

President Joe Delehay says the company’s “extremely efficient manufacturing quality control process provides longer lasting equipment” for its clients.

“Our equipment offers a lower cost of ownership through great value for our clients but allows them to generate the same revenues as equipment from higher priced competitors.”

DY, he says, also offers superior service and technical support.

DY has strategically located two facilities, one located in Southern Georgia and the other in Calgary, Alberta. “Each facility is mounting pumps but more importantly, both facilities stock large inventories of spare parts to ensure prompt (overnight if necessary) deliveries throughout North America.”

Delehay says: “Throughout my 35 years of end user experience, I was continually disappointed with late deliveries and lack of parts support from this industry, and by using my experience, my team has a better understanding of what expectations are after purchasing a DY pump. We utilize our experience to provide unsurpassed customer satisfaction.”

Offering products that are suitable for everything from large commercial, institution and infrastructure to residential home builders, DY offers three distinct product component advantages that other manufacturers do not, including a continuous swing (360 degree) boom pedestal.

DY also offers light weight fuel efficient models such as the 57 meter which is the lightest on the market (91,000lbs) and which allows the pump to be mounted on a five axle chassis where others require six-axle. This instantly saves the customer money.

“Our 57 meter is also a six-section boom. This allows the pump contractor to reach elevator core formwork twostoreys higher than a five-section boom, providing customers with more revenue opportunities.”

Delehay says DY will also be coming out with a 38 meter five-section boom and a 40-meter boom mounted on a three-axle truck in 2017. DY will once again be displaying and showcased all of its models at the 2017 World of Concrete tradeshow in Las Vegas next February.

DY is a member of the CPMA (Concrete Pump Manufacturers Association), complying with manufacturers’ safety standards, set above industry standards, and dedicated to the safe manufacturing and operation of concrete pumps in North America.

DY is also a supporting member of the” American Concrete Pump Association.” The ACPA is an association dedicated to serving members in the concrete pumping industry with the objectives to promote concrete pumping and to educate the concrete pumping industry on safe concrete pumping procedures.

For more information, visit http://dyconcretepumps.com.


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