EuroLine Windows Inc. leads in Passive House construction with European-style tilt and turn windows, doors


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B.C. based EuroLine Windows Inc. supports Passive House (PH) construc-tion with its European-style tilt and turn windows and doors. The company is one of only two North Ameri-can manufacturers with products meeting the stringent PH standards.

EuroLine director Michele Funk says her company meets PH demands for superior insulation, solar heat gain, and reduced thermal bridging. “Our 4700-series ThermoPlusTM windows and doors are made of GENEO® profiles, which are a Passive House Institute certified component.”

She says unlike regular vinyl windows, which require steel reinforcement for structural integrity, these profiles have a fibreglass-reinforced hybrid core, meaning that windows can be made larger than previously possible without adding steel thermal bridges. “
Combined with the proper choice of IGU (insulated glass units), windows provide high solar heat gain where wanted, and insulate where needed.”

Where Passive House is not the end goal, Funk says EuroLine’s high-quality, high-performance products appeal to architects and builders in other ways. Styles range from North American casement and awning windows to European tilt and turn windows, patio doors, French doors, tilt and glide doors, entry doors, and folding doors.

“Because everything is custom made, there is a lot of design flexibility. We have a specialty department that makes shaped windows, like rakes, archtops, roundtops, circles and ovals. We also have a foiling line that adds a durable acrylic laminate to the exterior, interior or both surfaces of the window. These laminates are available in solid colours, metallic finishes, and our EuroWoodTM finishes.”

Consumers also benefit from Euro-Line’s high-quality products. Funk says superior thermal performance translates to comfort and health benefits, in addition to savings. “In houses that have low-performance windows it is almost necessary to move the furniture a few feet into the room, as it feels as though windows are leaking, and it is uncomfortable to sit near them.”


The Bernhardt Passive Home is the first Passive House
built on Vancouver Island
The North Park 6-unit condo is the first market
condominium building in Canada to meet the stringent
international Passive House standard

“We use Super Spacer® in our IGUs to prevent thermal bridging between glass panes. This helps to keep the interior pane warm, and in most climates completely prevents condensation from forming on the interior of the window.”

Condensation, she says, can lead to mould, which is a great health concern especially to children, the elderly, and those with respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies.

EuroLine tilt and turn windows also are easy to use. “The multi-point locking system is operated with the turn of a single handle, which makes operation fast and easy, providing fast egress in case of emergency, including for the elderly and people with restricted mobility, like arthritis sufferers.”

Funk says tilt and turn windows also are easier and safer to clean in the turn position and provide secure ventilation in the tilt-position. In the locked position, the multi-point locking hardware makes them extremely intruder resistant, she says.

Understanding that industry regulations and consumer demands are constantly changing, Funk says Euro-Line is focused on being a leader in the industry. “We were the first to in-troduce a five-chamber system to North America, at a time when most other manufacturers still had two or three-chamber systems. With our 4700-series we are the first to now manufacture a six-chamber system.”

Funk says EuroLine introduced its 4700-series, specifically created for use in Passive Houses, in 2012, “long before most anyone in the North American building industry even knew what a Passive House was.”

“We  are  continually  developing new systems that fill needs in the market – sometimes even before the market has realized this need. We test new systems rigorously before intro-ducing them, always striving for high quality and high performance.”

This, she says, pushes the entire in-dustry towards higher standards.

From its location in Canada, Funk says EuroLine is well-positioned to serve North American markets more effectively than European sources that may be less costly at first-glance.

“Our products are designed and manufactured specifically for the North American market. And there are other considerations besides initial cost….If a glass unit breaks, how long will it take to get a replacement? How much will it cost? Glass coatings are not the same in Europe as they are here, so it is not simply a matter of getting a replacement unit locally, as it will not match the rest of the glass.”

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