Innovative Technology: SPECedit and BIM Model Probe access



If you would like a simpler, easier, and more responsive tool to develop your specifications – and not pay a cent more for the opportunity – we have some good news for you (especially if you are responsible for BIM-compliant specifications.)

You can download and immediately install the new SPECedit word-processor tool. It contains an additional feature that will help you improve your specification-writing capacity, especially if you are associating your specifications with Building Information Modelling (BIM) requirements.

Attached is a fact sheet and outline of the convenient features of SPECedit, explaining the simple process to test-drive the new service. Your rights for this software are exactly the same as for NMS-Edit. You don’t need to pay anything extra to use the updated software.

The additional BIM Model Probe resource, associated with SPECedit, allows you to:

  • Select entity types in your model, e.g. doors from the specification.

  • Select material properties, e.g. concrete, for building property specifications.

  • Choose entity properties (e.g. door function, door finishes) to be shown in the specification.

  • Build specification text with the door criteria into the proper section.

  • If the model changes, update the specification with the changes.

  • Generate a report of the differences found in either view of the design.

  • Model Probe reads IFC files exclusively, using OpenBIM!

While BIM Model Probe will be available optionally to SPECedit users for $795 after a three month trial, you can receive a license to use the tool FREE for one year if you are the first to respond to this offer, for six months if you are second, and for three months if you are third. (And there is no obligation to purchase anything, ever.)

In exchange for this offer, all we ask is that you provide your feedback and guidance about its utility and let us know of any improvements you think to be important. In addition to supporting videos and documentation, we’ll provide direct support including, if you wish and are in the greater Ottawa area, at-your-location support.

This first-come, first-served offer is available only for the next three days (through March 20), though if you accept the offer, you can schedule the trial start and explore the BIM Model Probe tool at your convenience within the next two weeks.

To participate, please email Mark Buckshon at or phone (613) 699-2057 ext 224.


Michael Thornber


Innovative Technology Inc.

phone (613) 841-0050 toll free (877) 519-4484

P.S. Please note that your access to SPECedit is free and doesn’t require any commitment of any kind. The special offer to test-drive BIM Model Probe is indeed limited in availability – just three days, and the best offer requires you to be the first to respond. Again, by saying “yes” you are not obligating yourself to any expense or ongoing commitment.

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SPECedit editor with Model Probe

This page is dedicated to support the NMS/DDN and SPECedit from Innovative Technology. You will find current and previous updates to the software. Please read the descriptions before downloading the files.

If you have support questions, e-mail us at and we will reply promptly.

Download SPECedit and the Full 2017 CD

Download the SPECedit and the Full 2017 CD (file NMS2017SE.exe) into a temporary directory.  Then run the program to start the installer.

NMS/DDN Changes

The January, 2017 NMS update contains 27 updated sections.  These sections are contained in division 2 (Existing Conditions), division 3 (Concrete), heritage work in division 4 (Masonry), and various sections in division 7 (Thermal and Moisture Protection) and 8 (Openings).

To see what NMS files have changed, download the latest List of Contents.

SPECedit Specification Editor

This is the first release of the SPECedit specification editing system, which connects to BIM models from Revit and ARCHICAD by means of the Model Probe tool. SPECedit is based on the popular NMS-Edit specification editor. The Model Probe plug-in is available at an additional cost, please see here, or as a standalone tool described here.

Updates to the specification editor this year will include further enhancements to tables, footers, printing and stability work.  Owners of the 2017 version of NMS-Edit may download the basic SPECedit tool as a free upgrade.