Modular home talk of the town in Berwick, N.S.


Christine Nielsen and George White’s house is as fascinating as it is practical.

The CSA modular home, in Berwick, N.S., designed by Halifax architect Nicholas Fudge and constructed by Liverpool-based Lloyoll Built, is the first of its kind in Nova Scotia.

“No one has done modular quite like this before,” Nielsen said in the Chronicle Herald. “Usually the boxes are brought and stacked and T-boned or scattered like a compound. This feels more like a normal house. None of the boxes are arranged at right angles; it’s not obvious but the hallway bends a little, making the house a bit more interesting.”

The hallways, doors and rooms have been built to accommodate wheelchairs. The one-bedroom main home features spacious rooms; a self-contained guest apartment for live-in caregivers; a sauna; a two-car garage with an electric car charger and WiFi repeaters throughout.

Curious residents often ask people how power is generated by the solar panels in the back. These panels produce 6.5 kilowatts of energy. Any extra power that is produced is directed back to the town’s power supply.


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