QR Codes: Putting them to work for your business

Oakwood QR code image
Ottawa-based OakWood Renovation Experts makes extensive use of QR Codes in its marketing.

This special feature section includes several resources about QR Codes.

We will update these links as the concept evolves and gains greater traction.  Especially, we want to be able to provide more resources on implementing QR Codes effectively on mobile devices.

Free QR Code Generators

This page includes several useful links, where you will be able to create a diversity of QR codes instantly, without spending a cent.

The history of the QR Code

See who invented the QR Code, and how the concept evolved to reach its current prominence.

QR Code Builders:  Options for the next media marketing wave

A report on how some builders have successfully implemented QR codes in their marketing strategies.

QR Codes:  10 tips for successful implementation

A simple guide on how to properly apply QR codes — and some dangers to avoid.

The problem with QR Codes

A video showing some “dumb mistakes” in implementing QR Codes