Putting QR Codes to work

cadcr qr code page
You can scan this -- or click on it -- to reach our special feature section about QR codes

CADCR staff writer

This QR code will take you to a special QR Code page on the cadcr.com website. It will include some links and resources to help you understand and implement QR codes for your own business and practice.

QR Code readers are now available either as built-in or easily added “apps” for a variety of mobile devices. The first time you try to use the code reader/scanner, you may find it difficult to “catch”, but once you learn the technique of holding your mobile device in the line of vision of the QR code, the actual site loading will be relatively rapid.

We’re “learning by doing” here so the site you visit may not (yet) be perfectly optimized for QR code readers. And, if you wish to link the old fashioned way, you can simply go to https://www.cadcr.com/qrcode