Smith-Peat Roofing and Sheet Metal Ltd. applies experience and expertise to earls Court Village project


Canadian Design and Construction Report special feature

Exeter-based Smith-Peat Roofing and Sheet Metal Ltd. has applied its experience and expertise to the Earls Court Village project in London.

In business since 1972, Smith-Peat has always been focused on the institutional, commercial, industrial and education sectors. This, says president Robert Watson, allows Smith-Peat to become true project partners. “We are able to work with the project team to ensure the best roofing solution and best design to meet conditions including our climate, as well as the client’s long-term goals.”

The Earls court project required a durable and long-lasting roof – and a green roof needed to be incorporated into the design. That, says Watson, required more advance prep work to accommodate the complex soil and drainage layers.

To meet the durability requirement, Smith-Peat used a two-ply, two-part modified bitumen membrane. Watson says his crew applied a base sheet on top of the steel deck, and then waited until all other trades completed their work on the roof, before applying the cap sheet. “Once the other trades are done we can identify and repair any issues or deficiencies, and then topping it with the final layer after ensures a reasonably untouched, issue-free final product.”

The roofing system also had to meet the challenge of being installed during extreme cold after the schedule had to be pushed back from its original September timeline.

Watson says Smith-Peat’s experience allowed the company to meet all of these challenges head on. “There is a lot more detail involved in this kind of work, more so than say an industrial building. There are specific needs to incorporate a condensed site.”

He says his company has been working with Bronnenco since the 1970s and as is typical on one of their projects, everything went smoothly. “From the tight communication with the site project manager around trucks and deliveries to how all of the pieces fell together, Bronnenco is a class act and always a pleasure to work with.”

Smith-Peat Roofing primarily focuses on projects in the London to Stratford and southwestern Ontario corridor.


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