Updated plan for Middle Class Progress points to infrastructure and global skills strategy


Federal minister of finance, William Francis Morneau, recently released the “Fall Economic Statement” and announced new measures to ensure middle class progress, and “build on the momentum of Budget 2016, and on investments over the past year.”

A media release says this includes: “Investing an additional $81 billion in public transit, green and social infrastructure, transportation infrastructure that supports trade, as well as in rural and northern communities to bring Canadians good jobs, a cleaner environment and thriving communities for years to come.”

Also noted is a Global Skills Strategy to help “Canadian and international companies access the talent and skills they need to grow and succeed in Canada” and that is supported by “improvements to Canada’s immigration system.”

The release quotes the minister as saying: “Now, more than ever, it is important for Canada to create opportunities that better position our country in the global economy of tomorrow. To succeed, we need to ensure that the benefits of growth are shared by the middle class and by all Canadians. Now is the time to invest in people, in innovation and in infrastructure, so that we can build long-term growth for middle class families, their children and grandchildren, and put Canada on the road to long-term prosperity.”

The Plan for Middle Class Progress is said to be designed to provide jobs and opportunities for middle class Canadians and that it is built on a solid foundation of economic security and stability, and follows a path that is responsible and sustainable. At the basis of this is an understanding that “when the middle class does well, everyone does well.”


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