Alberta Construction Safety Association partners with Women Building Futures

acsa wbf event

In construction, safety is not only a priority but a core value for all workers and employers, because everyone deserves to come home at the end of the workday. This value was  reflected at a February launch event to announce the official partnership between the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) and Women Building Futures (WBF).

These two provincial bodies will gather with almost one hundred invited guests to launch their ‘Breakfast with the Leaders’ Series, which aims to connect more women to the growing safety community in Alberta.

JudyLynn Archer, the WBF’s outgoing CEO explained how the partnership will help to promote what she’s most passionate about: bringing people and ideas together to make a positive difference in workers’ lives.

“We are facing a national challenge, as 250,000 construction tradespeople are expected to retire and we are left with a tax base lost from the mass exodus of these high income earners that these upcoming retirements will bring,” Archer said in a news release. “This does however, present a tremendous opportunity for Canadian women working in the industry. Together with the ACSA, we plan on providing as much assistance as we can to attract and prepare women with a safety mindset, giving them with the best chance to gain employment in Canada’s construction and maintenance workforce.”

“With approximately 36,400 construction jobs being done by women across Alberta, and jobs in the sector expected to grow steadily over the next decade, there’s more opportunity now than ever for women with a strong safety mindset to enter this sector and make a positive change. The impact this partnership has on safety in the industry could be a real
game changer,” Archer said.

Tamny Hawkins, the ACSA’s chief operations officer, discussed the challenges and self-determination required when striving towards her goal to one day mentor and lead in safety.

”Diversity in all areas is today’s reality in our workplaces. It enhances our skill set and our daily interactions. Through this partnership, we wish to convey our commitment to Alberta workplaces, and our belief in the ability of each participant to contribute meaningfully, and safely to our work force,” she said.

”This partnership will make a real difference for women across Alberta; empowering them to succeed in non-traditional careers, inspiring positive economic change for women, and forever transforming the face of construction in this province”, she said.

In addition to the regular breakfast speaker series events, this new partnership will see the ACSA provide access to its programs and services for WBF students, alumni and staff. This strategically positions WBF students and alumni to successfully compete for employment, complete their apprenticeships, contribute to safer more productive workplaces, and enhance the culture of safety amongst WBF staff.


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