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Net zero energy ready homes is what’s next on the local, provincial and national policy agenda. By 2032, all homes in B.C. will need to be net zero energy ready. Industry is stepping up to the challenge; it’s a great time to get out front and join the shift. Will you step up?

High performance homes use a fraction of the energy of a traditional home to stay comfortable. They’re healthier, more durable, and quieter.

Your customers will see and feel benefits like:

  • Efficient heating and cooling systems that use less energy, reduce indoor humidity, and improve the home’s overall comfort,
  • Improved indoor air quality, with less dust, pollen, soot/smoke particles, and other allergens.
  • Higher levels of insulation help keep out exterior noise, making for peaceful, draft-free, homes.
  • Increased durability from better building practices means reduced maintenance costs and longevity; homes can still perform well after 50 years.
  • A variety of ENERGY STAR® appliances that will reduce electricity use and help save on utility bills.

Many developments are already taking advantage of this higher efficiency construction and are standing out. BC Hydro is a useful hub for resources to help your business get ahead.

Designing and building beyond the code will set your business apart from your competitors and put you in a strong position for the future.

Step up now.

Learn about the BC Energy Step CodeBCH18-1059-ResidentialNewConstruction_Generic_VerticalProductShowcase_30... (2)Set up your business for success

Building to a higher energy-efficient standard pays off. It’ll set your business apart and future-proof your homes for progressing local provincial and national energy efficient standards. Net zero ready is what’s next, so why not get ahead of the curve now and give customers the comfortable, healthier, more efficient homes they want.


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