BASF Construction Chemicals contributes to sustainability initiatives


EPD service saves clients’ time and supports bidding qualifications

Canadian Design and Construction Report staff writer

As part of the world’s largest chemical company, BASF serves the construction industry with many innovations and industry firsts. That work includes several sustainability initiatives including its EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) service.

BASF sustainability manager David Green says the company developed the life cycle assessment based Eco-Efficiency Analysis in 1996 and, since the framework, expertise and experience is already in place, EPDs are a natural next step. He says BASF is able to handle the legwork for EPDs on behalf of clients. “For a customer to take this on alone they would have to follow specific product category rules (PCR), look at lifecycle details and go through third party verification, all of which can be costly and very time consuming. We educate customers about the process and then take away the frustration with having to complete the process.”

He says while it might take a customer four to nine months to complete the process alone, BASF’s expertise and streamlined process means an EPD can be produced in three to four weeks. He adds that they have already been successful in helping clients meet pressing bidding deadlines but being proactive is helpful. While LEED projects have been the driving force behind EPDs to this point, Green says more projects are requiring them and many companies are creating the documents to have a library of resources at the ready for when projects come up.

An EPD created by BASF not only fulfills the ISO standards; it also provides the environmental results that can be used for internal process improvements. “Through the document opportunities to improve operating efficiencies can be identified including energy use, waste generation and consumptive water use.”

Based on Product Category Rules (PCRs) for North America, Green says a BASF EPD can be developed for either side of the border.

Green says BASF is the first admixture company in North America to act as a supplier of EPDs to the industry and he considers it part of the company’s role in helping its customers be more successful through solutions beyond the product. He says BASF will continue to evolve the EPD service to include new PCRs for different concrete products. “We started with the ready mix industry, added concrete masonry products and are moving into precast now. We will work to ensure all concrete industry sectors are covered for this requirement.”

Heavily involved with associations at the regional, international and global level, he says the company is always looking for new ideas and innovation that might resonate with customers elsewhere. “We’re constantly upgrading and updating to stay ahead on our deliverables. We have a close relationship to our customers and constantly work to support their current and future needs.”

Green says BASF works to be a true partner to its customers, spending time in their plants, ensuring they have a full understanding of each customer’s business and each customer’s unique needs.

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