British Columbia Adopts ASTM A1035 steel into corrosion protection standards to extend bridge service lives


BC’s  Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure has recently updated its Bridge Standards and Procedures Manual Supplement to the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CHBDC) S6-14 to include ASTM A1035 high strength, corrosion resistant reinforcing steels for use on concrete bridge structures. The provincial agency delineates the rebar requirements for each of its bridge classifications within its standards, including ASTM A1035 for many of its roadways.

ChrōmX reinforcing steels (ChrōmX 9000, 4000 and 2000) produced by Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Inc. for MMFX Steel Corporation to meet the ASTM A1035 CS, CM and CL specifications provide extended service lives for bridges due to the products’ corrosion resistant properties. The MMFX line of ChrōmX reinforcing steels provides over 690 MPa of yield strength and varying levels of corrosion resistance, so designers can utilize the high strength efficiencies and select the corrosion protection needed for the structure.

“The Ministry of Transportation has taken a definitive step in upgrading its infrastructure by updating its corrosion protection design standards to include the full line of ChrōmX products,” according to Tom Russo, CEO of MMFX Steel. “Since rebar corrosion is the main cause of bridge deterioration, the use of ChrōmX reinforcing steels will result in longer bridge service lives.”

British Columbia joins other ministries of transportation, like Alberta, and departments of transportation, like Virginia, in using ChrōmX reinforcing steels as a corrosion resistant reinforcement for corrosion prevention, the company says in a news release.

Rebar represents a small percentage of the overall costs of a bridge, yet it is the material that defines the useful life of the structure, the news release reports.


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