Canada funding cargo expansion at the Vancouver International Airport


CaDCR staff writer

Transport Canada has announced $74.3 million under the National Trae Corridors Fund for an expansion at the Vancouver International Airport to expand cargo capacity, improve efficiency and reduce pollution.

Changes will enable larger aircraft to move between cargo facilities and the runway and:

  • increase parking space capacity to accommodate four additional widebody freighter aircraft
  • upgrade an access road
  • prepare the site for the construction of a new air cargo warehouse

“We’re improving our supply chains through this project by increasing capacity to handle higher air cargo volumes and improve efficiency at the Vancouver International Airport, while reducing pollution,” said Pablo Rodriguez, federal minister of transport.

The goods exported through Vancouver International Airport support key economic growth in sectors such as advanced manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. In addition, traditional sectors such as agriculture and fisheries need reliable air cargo export shipments to ensure perishable items can reach global markets in a timely manner.

“Cargo and our focus on growth and optimization is in direct service of our community and the economy that supports it,” said Tamara Vrooman, president and CEO, Vancouver Airport Authority. “The substantial funding from the National Trade Corridors Fund for cargo development at YVR will enhance our role as gateway for global and domestic cargo operators.

“With improved capacity and infrastructure, we will handle more essential cargo and contribute to building stronger and more resilient supply chains between Canada and global markets, benefitting local businesses and consumers.”

Changes are expected to reduce the pollution generated by movement of air cargo by up to 25 percent.

“Our government is expanding the cargo capacity at the Vancouver International Airport to improve the flow of goods and create a dynamic trade environment that allows Canadian businesses to be more competitive globally,” said Wilson Miao, Richmond Centre MP.  We are also creating more exciting employment opportunities in Richmond Centre and across Canada.”


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