Canada partners with UAE to decarbonize cement, concrete use


CaDCR staff writer

The Government of Canada has announced a partnership with the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to decarbonize cement and concrete use.

Countries will share best practices on a range of policies and measures to decarbonize the cement and concrete sector.

“We support and welcome the launch of the cement breakthrough initiative. Cement and concrete are essential for so much of our modern world and will also be needed for meeting the challenges ahead,” said Thomas Guillot, chief executive of the Global Cement and Concrete Association. “They will play a key role in providing resilient and sustainable infrastructure and safely housing communities around our planet.

“Our member companies, which operate all around the world, are fully committed to a net zero future—and it will take the combined efforts of industry and government to deliver on this commitment. This is the decade to deliver, and we are delighted to work with the cement breakthrough initiative and the Government of Canada to accelerate the transition.”

A variety of partners will be included as Canada and the UAE drive the adoption of low-carbon cement products and solutions that build on the global recognition of Canada’s Roadmap to Net-Zero Carbon Concrete by 2050.

“Innovation and investments in clean technology are crucial to building a competitive green economy,” said Philippe Champagne, minister of innovation, science and industry. “Canada is a key player in the net-zero carbon economy and is committed to laying the foundation of a competitive green cement and concrete industry that will create green jobs and build a clean future for all Canadians and the world.

“With the breakthrough initiative, we will help pave the way to achieve net-zero carbon cement and concrete by 2050.”

Together with other endorsing countries, international partners and the global cement and concrete industry, the breakthrough initiative will lead a shift that will make clean cement the preferred choice in global markets.

With the launch of the Cement & Concrete Breakthrough initiative, Canada and the UAE issued a joint ministerial statement underlining their dedication to further decarbonization in the sector.

A growing number of countries have joined Canada and the UAE to endorse the Cement & Concrete Breakthrough initiative, including Germany, Japan, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Cement production in Canada was valued at more than $1.3 billion in 2019.

Cement is a significant source of industrial CO2 emissions around the world, representing 26 per cent of global industrial sector CO2 emissions in 2019.


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