Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) updates logo, website


Canadian Design and Construction Report staff writer


            The Construction Association of Nova Scotia (CANS) has updated its logo and website at

The changes were introduced at the association’s 151th annual meeting Oct. 4 to 6.

“The new CANS logo is a reflection of you and your feedback. Through focus groups, surveys and member feedback you told us you wanted the new CANS brand to capture the scope of membership across the province and region; highlight the many facets of the industry;  and be reflective of the organization’s history,” the CANS newsletter has reported.

The association’s website reports that  CANS marketing and communications committee started on the project in 2012 “with a comprehensive communications and marketing audit,” including executive interviews with the association’s president and board of directors, an online membership survey, an online communications survey, staff interviews, analysis of CANS branded materials, analysis of CANS media coverage and perception and member focus groups.

CANS says the audit discovered three major findings:

  1. A lack of consistency in materials produced related to CANS both generally and with the subsequent brands,
  2. Members were looking for more streamlined communication from CANS,
  3. And that there is a need for an enhanced positive profile of the construction industry – and that CANS should lead the charge on this.

“The committee then took these findings and began the process of exploring the CANS brand. The association reports that “Working with members, we asked two important questions:

  • What does CANS represent to you?, and
  • Where do you want to see the industry and the association in 5, 10 and 15 years?”

“Through focus groups, surveys and member feedback, we heard that members wanted CANS to have a brand that captured the scope of membership across the province and region; highlight the many facets of the industry; and that is reflective of the organization’s history.”


Logo and tagline rationale

            CANS explained the reasoning behind the logo and tagline:

BLUE: symbolizes the integrity, stability, confidence and expertise of CANS and the industry.

            GREEN: symbolizes growth as well as nature, representing both the growth of the industry and CANS, and the environmental or landscaping related segments of our membership. All aspects of the industry are encompassed – bridges, roadways, buildings, and the industrial.

            CIRCLE: represents the collective, working together, all-encompassing membership.

“Of course branding goes far beyond just a logo, tagline and website overhaul. We also heard from our consultations that members want us to be ahead of the curve, on top of new technology, issues and services,” the association said. “CANS staff and committees are always working on this front to ensure that the high level of customer service you are used to and expect continues to improve as we constantly look for new ways to serve our members better.”


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