Federal government releases $40B National Housing Strategy

national housing strategy
Logo of the National Housing Strategy (National Housing Strategy)

Adam Vaughan, parliamentary secretary to the minister of families, children and social development, has shared details of the $40 billion National Housing Strategy that aims to help more than 1.7 million residents across Canada who are in need of core housing over a period of ten years.

To be be launched in 2020, it will provide an estimated $2,500 annually to each recipient household, assisting a minimum of 300,000 upon full implementation. This benefit will be delivered directly to benefactors.

The strategy addresses the federal government’s goals, which include: reduction of chronic homelessness by 50 per cent; removal of more than 530,000 units from housing need; creation of four times as many new housing units built under federal programs launched from 2005 to 2015; to repair three times as many existing housing units as repaired under federal programs launched from 2005 to 2015; and protection of an additional 385,000 households from losing an affordable home.

According to a press release, the National Housing Strategy will meet the demands of all Canadians, including seniors, indigenous peoples, survivors of domestic violence, people with disabilities, refugees, veterans and the homeless.

It will promote communities that are diverse, and the construction of homes that are sustainable, fully-accessible, mixed-income, mixed-use and located near transit, work and public services.

As a response to the call of housing advocates, service providers and feminist leaders, the federal government promises that at least 25 per cent of the strategy’s funds will be given to projects for women, girls and their families.

During 2018, legislation will be passed to support the National Housing Strategy’s goals. Parliament will also begin requiring reports on housing targets and outcomes.


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