Fenestration Canada introduces Fabricators’ Council and invites participation

fenestration canada

Fenestration Canada is launching a Fabricators’ Council to be spearheaded by a leading fenestration manufacturer.

Lisa Bergeron, government relations manager for JELD-WEN of Canada has accepted the organization’s invitation to chair this council. The group would essentially be comprised of member window and door fabricators only with the proviso that the council would seek the assistance of experienced experts and regional input as required.

“It is our belief that an effective Fabricators Council will be a long term asset to the practical, effective implementation of initiatives promulgated by Fenestration Canada,” says statement from Fenestration Canada president Skip MacLean. “There is a growing perception that a fundamental group of window and door fabricators/owners is under represented at industry events, meetings and discussion forums.

“Their involvement and visible participation “at the table” in helping the association deal with emerging issues of concern, particularly in the areas of code compliance and implications for product conformance is critical,” the statement says.

“In our view, this ‘bedrock’ group of fabricators would benefit greatly from the formation of a forum or process that would allow companies to meet and discuss a variety of key interests (including the processes for development and implementation of codes),” the news release says.

The announcement says the council’s objective is to obtain a broader and deeper participation of window and door fabricators at all Fenestration Canada events.

“It is through the collaborative efforts of those who are directly involved, that we can be assured that this group and other committees can work together and maintain perspective on the development of policy and initiatives to protect and promote the long term health of fenestration manufacturing.”

Fenestration Canada says it is extending “an open invitation is extended to interested Fenestration Canada fabricator members for them to get involved with this collaborative effort and initiative which will lead to a better understanding and solutions to the challenges that lie ahead for all.

“Don’t just wait for things to happen, become part of the solution – your business profitability and viability will depend on it,” the statement says.

Fabricator members are encouraged to call or contact Robert H. Rivard at the Fenestration Canada office by Aug. 6 if they wish to participate. The number to call is (613) 424-7239 or email: rrivard@fenestrationcanada.ca


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