Honour the Work founder promotes apprenticeship as “equal” equal post-secondary path


Canadian Design and Construction Report staff writer

As the construction faces a labour crisis, Honour the Work is a national “one-stop-shop” connecting Canadians to skilled trades careers.

Resources on the site include a series of videos showcasing tradespeople, apprentices and construction leaders. CaDCR supports Honour the Work and each week we share a video from the website.

Videos are divided into four categories:

  • Tell us about your work
  • Getting started
  • Common misconceptions
  • Advice for parents

Angela Coldwell, founder of Honour the Work, is a wife, mother, and recipient of the Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence.

While she says she began her teaching career with a narrow view of what post-secondary was, believing it to be a college or university program, a Grade 10 science student changed her mind.

He wanted to become an electrician and Coldwell assumed his best option was engineering. But, he enjoyed working with his hands and didn’t want more years of classroom-based schooling.

That’s when she realized a career as an electrician presented just as much, if not more, opportunity as a career as an engineer.

Coldwell’s current goals are to help educators present apprenticeship as an equal post-secondary path which uses STEAM skills daily, and to connect Canadians to tools and resources needed to begin their journey into the trades.


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