Manitoba Throne Speech highlights infrastructure investments and implementation of Made-in-Manitoba plan

Bus Rapid Transit expansion project in Winnipeg
Rendering of the Bus Rapid Transit expansion project in Winnipeg, slated for completion by spring of 2019 (Winnipeg Transit)

In the Throne Speech presented on Nov. 30, the Manitoba provincial government has reiterated its commitment to invest in “strategic” infrastructure developments, and its intention to study public-private partnerships (P3s) as options for construction of school projects.

“Our ongoing commitment to making strategic infrastructure investments on the basis of real value for money, as we continue to make progress on inherited fiscal challenges, will continue,” stated Premier Brian Pallister in the speech delivered by Lt. Gov. Janice Filmon.

“It includes making maximum use of available federal funding under Phase 1 of the Investing in Canada Fund and committing our full provincial allocation under the established Building Canada. And it enables our ability to effectively leverage funding support for shared provincial and municipal priorities and for the protection and development of vital provincial assets,” Premier Pallister stated.

The speech has also reaffirmed the province’s promise to support municipal governments through the Fair Say initiative. It highlighted that Manitoba’s partnership with communities have resulted in “historic infrastructure projects” such as Bus Rapid Transit in Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba.

Premier Pallister also announced that an “expert advisory commission of Manitobans” will be established to create laws strengthening water conservation efforts, as well as establishing a new licensing authority for water management. The commission will also work with private landowners to conserve wetlands and natural habitats.

“Our Made-in-Manitoba carbon pricing plan will come into effect during 2018. An online survey is now open for Manitobans to make their choices on our made-in-Manitoba plan together revenue through investments in families, green growth, and climate adaptation,” Premier Pallister stated.


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