New construction software for iPhones puts 3D models in builders’ hands



By Kristen Frisa

Special to Canadian Design and Construction Report

Construction management software company Procore Technologies Inc. introduced its newest product on August 14, that allows builders to access 3D models through their iOS devices, right on the job site.

Procore BIM allows virtual design and construction (VDC) teams to publish models into the iOS app and view them from any Apple device, allowing them to be accessed by installers and builders to validate and track their work.

This links up VDC teams with builders, solving problems of processing requirements and file formats that prevented access to models on the fly.

“We invest more than $2 million on coordinating a project, but there was no way to effectively deliver the model to the field, until now with Procore BIM,” said Howard Simble, senior mechanical-electrical superintendent for Robins & Morton, an Alabama-based construction firm.

“If you have 2D drawings you usually find problems when you’re trying to install the equipment, and that’s a little too late to find a problem. Procore BIM gives us a tool that we have never had before, and it’s extremely user friendly to a point where everyone picks it up almost immediately,” Simble said.

The intuitive nature of the program is one of the software’s core competencies, using touch-screen actions that are familiar to iPad and iPhone users, or Procore joysticks. Its also capable of handling even big 3D models, and is fully integrated with Procore’s 2D drawings tool, while motion tracking allows you to see your movements on-screen as you travel about the worksite.

“3D models provide a central location for critical project information, and with many large construction projects utilizing BIM, we want to ensure that everyone involved in the project has access to the information,” said Tooey Courtemanche, founder and CEO of Procore. “When 3D models are in the hands of the people actually installing and validating the work, the value derived from virtual design and construction to mitigate risk, reduce waste, and increase productivity is finally attainable.”

Procore BIM is slated to be available in early September.

Procore, a California-based company, has offices around the globe, including on in Toronto. Its products are used to manage billions of dollars in annual construction volume, through products for project management, financials, quality and safety, and field productivity.


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