New national general contractors’ association established.

GCAC website
The new GCAC website

The Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) and the Corporation Des Entrepreneurs Généraux Du Québec with general contractors from across the country have formed a national organization to deal with the common challenges of procurement, payments, and liens.

The General Contractors Alliance of Canada (GCAC) includes Canadian general contractor associations and contractors who champion improved procurement and payment outcomes across the country, the new group said in a news release. The organization will support inclusive review and consideration of the issues, focusing on solutions that support the vibrancy and growth of the Canadian construction sector.

It will support general contractors operating under both provincial and federal jurisdictions to deal with procurement, prompt payment, and liens through the entire construction supply chain. This will include engaging with federal and provincial governments on policy, regulation and legislation relating to provincial and national procurement issues, including prompt payment.

The GCAC will develop and recommend initiatives that will enhance the effective operation of the Canadian construction industry and provide best advice to industry, government and the public. Federally, it is expected that the Minister of Public Services and Procurement will soon launch a national discussion on prompt payment and through the GCAC, general contractors from across the country will support and participate in that process.

“Ontario general contractors were important participants in the Lien Act review and Bill 142. We will use this experience to support general contractors in other provinces as many are reviewing their Lien Acts and would like to benefit from lessons learned in the Ontario experience,” said GCAC chair Matt Ainley.

The GCAC will work openly on a collaborative basis with all stakeholders in the supply chain to arrive at solutions that work for all parties and make the construction industry more competitive.

The GCAC has 400 members and is growing. Its membership represents general contractors from across the country who range from small firms who work only in one province or territory to the larger national firms who work in every province and territory. Regardless of size or geography, the issues facing all general contractors are the same and need fair and balanced representation.


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