Publisher’s welcome/viewpoint

Douglas Smith

By Douglas Smith

Associate publisher, CADCR (Western Canada edition)

Good morning, ladies and gents. My name is Douglas Smith. I am a resident of West Kelowna, BC and am the new associate publisher for the Canadian Design & Construction Report’s Western Edition.

For the past 20 years, I have owned my own digital publications, which were of an altogether different genre. I semi-retired last January, and due to sheer boredom reached out to Mark Buckshon, the publisher of the original Canadian Design & Construction Report, which includes everything construction from Ontario to the Atlantic Provinces.

The decision was made that, due to my residency in BC, I would be the perfect candidate to make the CADCR even bigger and better by expanding the reach into Western Canada.

I am here to tell you that in the upcoming issue of CADCR you will find more information regarding the Western Provinces, BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba.

Canadian Design & Construction Report will be the same style, same format, full color magazine that it has always been, with a twist, the publications subscriber base will grow by approximately 5,000 new readers for Western Canada. And your message will now reach nationwide.

Should you be interested in a feature, newsworthy story, or highlight a project feel free to reach out to me in my office at (778) 754-7403 or by email at I look forward to serving you.

Douglas Smith, associate publisher, Canadian Design & Construction Report


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