QR Code builders — options for the next media marketing wave

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Canadian Design and Construction Report Staff writer

An intriguing article in Ontario Home Builder Magazine reports on QR (Quick Response) Code and Bluetooth Proximity Marketing as potentially exciting options for builders hoping to catch the next media marketing wave.

QR (Quick Response) Code marketing involves the application of a bar code to print media (it can be fliers, magazine ads, or signage) which can be scanned by your mobile device and link the reader directly to your website for more advanced interaction.  Bluetooth Proximity Marketing sends an advertising message to your mobile device when you are near the relevant location; say you are at a particular transit station or maybe new homes site.

The article reports on some builders trying these media out.

Mason Homes successfully employed QR technology in Barrie (Ontario) in its JUST 4U marketing campaign,” the magazine story reports.  “We integrated QR code on Mason’s print ads and on a sign mounted by the sales office.  People were able to have all the information on JUST 4U even when the sales office was closed.  By simply scanning a smartphone over the sign outside, the information is automatically saved,” the article quoted Vanessa Desloor, social marketing co-ordinator for BAM Advertising and Marketing as saying.

Meanwhile the article reported that Gerry Ryan of Ryan Design used the Bluetooth Proximity Marketing by setting up a transmitter in the parking lot of a GO (transit train) station in Brampton ON that broadcasted a message about a nearby condominium development.  “Commuters were the prime audience and they got a message on their Blootooth-enabled cellphones as soon as they arrived and when they left at the end of the day,” the article reported.

“As they were leaving, we might invite them to drop in on the condo on their way home for an open house that includes refreshments and hors d’oeuvres,” the magazine quoted Ryan as saying.  “Mobile communications is the future,” Ryan told the magazine.  “Since Blackberry and the iPhone, everything is done on the phone today.  Small screen marketing is where it’s at.  If you’re not thinking small, you’re missing opportunities.”

Of course being first to market with these innovations in your area/community gives you some “wow” factor and some opportunities for additional media publicity (which certainly cannot hurt).  Will these resources, however, change the way we do things and provide measurable results and benefits for your business?  If you want to be a pioneer, go for it.