“To solve the housing crisis, we need to change how we build homes,” says Housing Minister


Federal government funding ‘next generation of home building technique’

CaDCR staff writer

Federal ministers announced initiatives in late February that they say will get homes built faster and improve affordability.

Measures include funding to “research new ways to build homes.”

Eight homebuilders will receive $123 million “to develop, test, and streamline the next generation of homebuilding techniques to build more homes, faster.

“New and innovative homebuilding practices will enable quicker, more cost-effective construction to build the next generation of homes,” said Housing Minister Sean Fraser.

Some of the projects targeted for support, including ones focused on modular housing and lower energy costs.

Funding from the Liberal government’s Affordable Housing Innovation Fund will be used to “develop, test, and streamline the next generation of home building techniques to build more homes, faster.”

The fund was set up in 2016 with a budget of $208.3 million over six years. In 2022/23, the Liberals topped up the fund with $550.8 million to be allocated over an additional six years.

“The Affordable Housing Innovation Funding is supporting innovative solutions developed by eight different organizations across Canada, which is expected to help get 5,000 new affordable homes built,” Fraser said in a media statement.

“To solve the housing crisis, we need to change how we build homes.”

Fraser’s office refused to provide details on how the 5,000 homes figure was calculated, or how the research money will be used to help build them.


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