Cloverdale Paint thrives with research, development and product innovations


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Established initially on a small farm near Cloverdale, B.C. in 1933, Cloverdale Paint has grown to be one of North America’s largest regional paint and coatings manufacturers. Still family owned and operated, the company is continuing its growth and innovation to better serve the market.

Throughout its history, Cloverdale has progressively opened new branches and added increasing research and development components to its operations. Tim Vogel, chief executive officer, says both efforts continue today. “We opened a new store in southern Alberta last year and added a new distribution centre in Calgary. Here in Surrey, we will be moving into a new head office and expanding our research and development lab into the current head office space.”

Innovation and product development has always been at the heart of Cloverdale and Vogel says this remains one of the company’s core values. In the 1970s the company developed the first colour matching and formulation computer in Western Canada. The company also developed new products lines included air dry and bake enamels for the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) market, coatings for the oil and gas industry, maintenance coatings for fabricators, machinery and equipment along with coatings for the B.C. forest industry.

Vogel says new technology and new products will always be required, as one part of the chain develops a new component or new ingredient, or as one end-user uncovers a new requirement and the industry must react. “I am amazed at the changes I have seen, especially over the last 25 years with respect to better quality products, better performing products and the move towards healthier products.”

To support its clients with the transition to new products Vogel says Cloverdale performs extensive in-house testing, trying new products on different applications and with different tools. “We can then share guidelines, tips, recommended tools and advice to ensure high success with the products.”

Vogel says these innovations arise from an understanding of what the market needs, which in turn is often driven by legislation and consumer awareness and demand. Not waiting to follow though, Vogel says Cloverdale seeks opportunities both to advance its products and the industry.

Cloverdale was one of the founding members of the BC Paint Care Association, which operates paint recycling depots throughout British Columbia. The company also initiated several internal programs to re-utilize water and solvent liquid wastes; to recycle empty steel drums, wooden pallets and corrugated cardboard; and to reuse solid wastes whenever feasible.

Cloverdale currently operates 64 company stores stretching across the country from B.C. through Quebec and its products are also available through more than 100 independent dealers. The company also services spray equipment and pressure washers through locations across Western Canada.

The company is a member of the National Paint and Coatings Association (NPCA), the Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA), the Pacific Northwest Society for Coatings Technology (PNWSCT), and the GVRD – Lower Fraser Valley Air Quality Advisory Committee.

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