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Canadian Design and & Construction Report special feature

With close to 1,000 employees and a 15-year track record of successful projects in British Columbia, Crystal Consulting Group of Companies (CCI) is a trusted partner for large complex projects within British Columbia and Alberta.

Specializing high-rise and multi-unit residential and commercial projects, the privately held family company offers drywall, steel stud framing and waterproofing services, and it just finished putting the final touches on the Telus Sky Building in Calgary, a 761,235 sq. ft. 59-storey office and mixed-use tower. Crystal is also working on The Concord tower.

Big projects aren’t anything new to Crystal. Currently it is in the finishing stages of work on Vancouver House, the fourth-tallest building in Vancouver. When completed, Vancouver House will be a nine-storey podium, widening into the 515-foot residential tower.

“Vancouver House itself has been a very unique job because of the way the building is designed and structured. It has posed a lot of challenges, for sure, but as the project nears completion, CCI has been working very closely with all the trades and the developer to ensure the project has the highest quality labour and materials available within  the timelines that were specified. There are some very neat features within the building that will stand out for a long time” says Crystal executive vice-president Harj Dhaliwal .

Other well-known B.C. projects Crystal has been a part of include The Met, the Rogers Arena Tower, Concord Gardens, and The Peak at SFU.

CCI has become a top choice for developers because the company offers great quality, very competitive pricing, fast speeds and solid reliability.

“Once we commit to doing a job in a timeline, we come in on budget and on time” says Dhaliwal.

The company’s growth is organic, and has mainly occurred through word of mouth from satisfied clients. According to Dhaliwal, in a few months the company could even be bigger, with a larger workforce.

Crystal is proud of its employees, and the employees have shown a great deal of trust and loyalty by staying with the company for the long term.“People who come to work for us typically don’t leave. They stay with us. A number of people who started with us 15 years ago are still with us, as evidenced by the 15-year plaques we gave out at the last Christmas party.”





The reason I made this change is because grammatically “highest quality” is an adjective and needs to be followed by a noun (since an adjective describes the noun). If “labour and materials availalbe” doesn’t work, feel free to substitute something else.

It might be nice to mention some of these features, especially if they have something to do with the work your company did.


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