Fusion Security: Integrated approach helps thriving BC business’s clients to be safe

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Burnaby, BC-based Fusion Security has grown from its start in 2005 to become a comprehensive integrated, full-service security organization, combining on-site services with mobile response teams and electronic security services adapted to each of its clients’ specific requirements.

“We’re continuing to expand our services and products through our core business operations,” says principal Bruce Marginson. (He co-owns the 300-employee company with Harry Stausgaard.)

Bruce Marginson with Harry Stausgaard.
Bruce Marginson with Harry Stausgaard.

“This include our security officers and personnel, mobile patrol and response, and security systems,” Marginson said. “Doing this effectively takes a commitment to designing and implementing programs that are well conceived, dynamic and most crucially supported by a team that works together to deliver the array of services, with a commitment to high quality customer service.”

“We leverage technology to ensure our programs/offerings are effective and efficient and measurable,” he said. This perspective is reflected in Fusion’s marketing message: “Leveraging technology to meet our clients’ needs today and tomorrow.”

He said the Fusion’s client relationships begin with a careful property assessment. “From that point, you develop a plan that guides your decisions and actions for the overall security program. There are a number of elements, when considered and applied properly, and backed by considered procedures and protocols that will provide a safe and secure environment and add value for each client.”

The business provides an integrated security service within the Metro Vancouver area, supplemented with electronic security services from BC through to Quebec and all three territories, as well as select clients in the US, Australia and the EU, he said.

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Electronic security and surveillance systems include: Access control systems, biometric devices, camera systems, intrusion detections systems, asset tracking systems, telephone entry systems, fire panel monitoring systems, and emergency duress systems.

Meanwhile, in BC, the company’s security personnel provide boots on the ground with dedicated on-site personnel, mobile response and patrol teams, parking enforcement and Concierge services. The company also employs licensed private investigators in the Greater Vancouver Area.

The company keeps its eye on the future, Marginson says.

“By constantly reviewing new products and technologies, we leverage innovative advancements to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our current security offerings and identify ways to create new solutions that provide value to our clients.”

Fusion Security has given a priority to community service. Contributions include clothing donations to the Union Gospel Mission and food to the Vancouver Food Bank. Fusion personnel have received information and training about emergency shelter and food services, and can direct disadvantaged people to these services.

The company sponsors and participates in several charitable organizations with its clients, and employees, supporting Bountiful House, the SPCA, the Vancouver Police Pipe Band, the BC Cancer Society, and it donates security and patrol services to many community charitable events.

As well, Fusion belongs to several industry groups and trade associations. “We believe strongly in being part of the community in our industry the wider business community, organizations representing the paces we work, and the clients we partner with, as well as the jurisdictions where we operate,” Marginson said.

You can learn more about Fusion Security by visiting fusionsecurity.ca or phoning (604) 647-6470.


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