Kryton takes the risk our of becoming a distributor (Advertisement)


Kryton International Inc. is a distributor-focused manufacturer, whose objective is to help the construction industry build better. They do this by providingsuperior quality products, tools and support to their distribution network. This simple, pragmatic approach has helped their network grow to over 50 distributors worldwide.

They have stood the test of time; in fact as the inventors of the original crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture,Kryton has been manufacturing concrete waterproofing solutions since 1973. In addition to protecting concrete structures permanently, their waterproofing systems work to protect the owner’s investment, the architect’s design, the engineer’s reputation and the distributor’s revenue.

90% of Kryton’s current distribution partners surveyed claim that Kryton is the fastest growing portion of their business. Ongoing investment in R&D, market research and product development have allowed Kryton to stay at the forefront of concrete waterproofing technology, and providing their distribution network with the latest in resources for training, marketing, sales, service and technical support.

Kryton is committed to the ongoing success and growth of their distribution network, worldwide.This systemic approach can be seen in Kryton’s Distribution Program. Astheir category leading products and system takes the risk out of concrete waterproofing, the Kryton Authorized Distributor Program takes the risk out of being a distributor.

If you are interested in becoming a Kryton Distributor, please contact or visit for more information, or to begin the process.


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