Kubota’s KX018-4 excavator: Big comfort for small jobs


CADCR staff writer

            Kubota’s new KX018-4 excavator (replacing the KX41-3) introduces the company’s first factory cab on a 1.8 ton machine, Kubota has announced in a news release.

            “In addition to the heated cab option, it includes many of the features found in the Dash 4 excavator series that Kubota has been phasing in,” the release says. “The cab features a wide door, flat floor, adjustable cloth seat, easy open front window, and a new comprehensive instrument panel located in the front for easy visibility. A separate lever now adjusts the track width, auto-downshift adjusts for traction load, and the straight travel circuit ensures straight movement when driving onto a trailer or driving in tight spaces even if another hydraulic function is operated, such as the boom. The KX018-4 boasts more arm and bucket breakout force, and the excellent balance and stability Kubota excavators are known for. Maintenance and service areas are extremely accessible thanks to the fully opening steel bonnets.”


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