Manitoba updates provincial CoR requirements: WCA

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The Province of Manitoba has recently approved changes relating to Certificate of Recognition (COR) requirements in the Government Wide Contract Policy (formerly the Government Wide Tendering Policy), the Winnipeg Construction Association reported in its weekly eletter.

In summary, the most recent version of the policy includes the following main requirements:

  • COR safety certification now applies to subcontractors (as defined in the policy) which have a subcontract value of $100K or more. This requirement is new and will be in effect for all contracts tendered after March 31, 2016.
  • COR safety certification still applies to general contractors having a contract value over $100K. This requirement has been the same since 2012 and will remain so.
  • COR safety certification does not apply to non-structural/non-architectural renovation contracts or to maintenance services contracts in the Housing sector or Industrial, Commercial, Institutional sector

“Much of the Government Wide Contract Policy remains the same as it always has, particularly regarding contractor declarations to follow the applicable safety laws and wage rate laws,” the WCA reports. “This declaration is made on the new Contractor’s Certification Form.”

For complete details, the new policy and the latest version of the Contractor’s Certification Form can be viewed here.

Contractors are likely to begin seeing updated contract language and forms respecting the Government Wide Contract Policy in tenders in advance of the March 31 implementation date for subcontractor COR requirements.


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