Newfoundland construction management company gives employees unlimited vacations, breaks

Vigilant Management
Image from the Vigilant Management website

Vigilant Management, a construction project management business in Paradise, NL, has developed work rules that some might associate with a truly all-encompassing paradise.

CBC reports that the company allows its workers unlimited time off for personal breaks and vacations, and workers can choose where they work, at home, the office, or the beach.

“If somebody is getting their work done really, really fast, really, really efficiently — well then there should be some incentive for them,” CEO Terry Hussey told CBC Radio in St. Johns.  “‘Ironically, it also makes them more productive.’

He said the a book by Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last, and his own experience as a consultant, shaped the policy. The book talks about the history of humanity evolving from a tribal species where everyone had a job and felt part of something, Hussey said.


“He compares it to the workplace where if people are part of a team where they feel like they have a role and they’re safe, and no one’s going to kick them out, that they’re able to achieve greater things.”


“We realized there’s not really any point in us tracking how many days people are here or not here, all we care about is ‘is the work getting done?'” said Hussey.

“And so it became all about results. We call it now ‘unlimited vacation’ and we truly don’t track vacation, it’s not something we care about,” he said.

“Ironically, it also makes them more productive,” he said.

“People work harder.”


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