Northwest Territories and Nunavut Construction Association (NNCA) serves, promotes and represents 150 industry members


Established in 1976 as the NWT Construction Association, as a voluntary member association committed to serve, promote and represent the local construction industry, in 2012 the association was renamed the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Construction Association (NNCA).

Today the NNCA’s 150 members include general contractors, trade contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, road builders and heavy construction contractors, logistics and transportation businesses, and allied professionals. Other members include associations, government departments and agencies working in the north.

NNCA president Dave Brothers says the association adopted a new constitution and new bylaws at its 2015 AGM, noting, “The constitution expanded and refined the association’s objectives to reflect contemporary and anticipated opportunities and challenges, including the changes and growth of the northern construction industry.”

Listed in the new constitution is the intent to “promote suitable and desirable legislation affecting the construction industry and to provide government with a liaison for any contemplated legislation, regulation or policy, by municipal, territorial, or federal authorities, which may affect the construction industry” as well as to “encourage the adoption and use of standard forms of contract and other documents used by the construction industry.”

Brothers says the association recognizes that it is the voice of the construction industry in the North. “Thus, the NNCA endeavors to impact legislation, regulations and policies relevant to the construction industry. The efforts are to ensure said legislation/regulation/policies/resulting programs and services are informed by the realities of the private sector.”

He says, as in other jurisdictions in Canada, the industry has seen a slowdown on the resource side and also private investment. Based though on what the federal and territorial governments are looking at doing as far as infrastructure, the NNCA anticipates a reasonable workload in the years ahead. “We do need to see private investment within the next three years or we will see a significant downturn in our area.”

Brothers says NNCA members face a variety of challenges beyond an uncertain economy, including constant change and increased competition. To that end, he says NNCA works to identify procurement opportunities for its members. The association also offers professional development to help its members remain competitive. The NNCA also offers scholarships to apprentices working for a member companies.

Brothers says the NNCA has also formed a partnership with the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the National Research Council – Industrial Research Assistance Program. “Businesses hiring undergraduate students registered in a natural sciences or engineering program may be eligible for federal funding to support these hires,” he said. “The intent of this partnership is to increase opportunities for undergraduate students to gain meaningful work experience in the private sector and to support the private sectors’ efforts to hire undergraduate students.”

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