SIGA Cover: High-performance tapes and membranes improve envelope efficiency


Canadian Design and Construction Report special feature

SIGA Cover manufactures high performance tapes and membranes to improve envelope efficiency. The products are used in many homes and commercial buildings, including those created by the BC Passive House Plant.

Patrick McMahon, regional manager for the Swiss, family-owned company, says SIGA has been in business for more than 45 years and Durfeld Constructors, owners of the BC Passive House Plant, is among the longest users of SIGA products in North America.

“There has been a high level of awareness in many European countries for decades, due to higher energy costs and tighter code requirements, that the building envelope is key to performance. Durfeld is ahead of the curve in North America for that understanding.”

McMahon says SIGA produces products for both sides of the building envelope and are used to construct many of the custom homes Durfeld creates.

“We offer exterior tape and membranes that are in many cases a higher performing alternative to many products people know. We also provide a variety of interior products which are well suited to cold climates.”

He says the variety of products SIGA carries allows for true customization and a unique solution for every building project based on goals and budget. “We carry products for air sealing, for moisture and vapour control. We have tapes and interior membranes.”

McMahon says though some of the company’s products have been designed for masonry, wood frame construction is a key focus, making products ideal for residential and light commercial projects, and the kind of ground-breaking construction the Passive House Plant is achieving.

Manufactured in Switzerland and distributed through Boston and Washington State and sold and shipped throughout Canada, McMahon says SIGA products provide options for “mainstream construction where the focus is on building a better building.”

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