Technology Behind the Low Noise of the EU7000is Generator


The EU7000is incorporates a number of unique design features and technological innovations that make its super low noise of 60 dB (A) ─ approximately equivalent to that of human speech ─ a possibility, even in a model capable of such wattage output.
The EU7000is incorporates a separate, triple chamber construction (comprised of an exhaust [muffler] chamber, an engine chamber, and an intake chamber) to help reduce noise and vibration; likewise, a centralized intake and exhaust system helps to reduce mechanical noise.


The intake system of the EU7000is consists of an intake chamber with an intake nose added, while the cooling system incorporates an air guide that is installed between the muffler and the engine, resulting in less airflow resistance and noise.

The engine chamber of the EU7000is is composed of sound-dampening materials as well as fully sealed panels that contain acoustic energy.


The exhaust system has a larger capacity muffler with a muffler protector secured to the frame ─ i.e., the muffler is enclosed in the body of the generator. The inside of the muffler protector is covered with sound absorbing glass-wool; an exhaust seal also helps heat and noise to route up and out to help dissipate sound.

The sealed frame structure of the EU7000is contains a rubber seal that is attached around the fuel tank for sealing off the fuel and reducing the noise. Seals also are applied to various areas around the maintenance cover. This design results in a dramatically quieter operation and improved cooling performance.

Innovation Highlight: Electronic Fuel Injection
The all-new EU7000is generator is the first fuel-injected model in the Honda lineup. This design feature results in greater fuel efficiency, extremely easy starting without the need for a choke, and longer operating times than the model it replaces (the EU6500is). Electronic fuel injection also allows for longer-term fuel storage without having to drain the carburetor or perform other related maintenance.

Because the EU7000is generator is designed with a convenient one-touch, push button electric start switch, no choke is required.
An iMonitor digital display provides the user operational performance monitoring, along with battery charge information and on-board diagnostics. In addition, no adjustment is needed for high altitude operation.


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