WCA’s Building Code to discuss building size and construction relative to occupancy

National Research Council Canada
Cover of the NBC of Canada (National Research Council Canada)

Winnipeg Construction Association (WCA) is inviting contractors, architects, technologists, engineers, interior designs and other industry professionals to attend the Building Code, a session that will provide a basic understanding of the 2015 National Building Code of Canada’s (NBC) Subsection 3.2.2 Size and Construction Relative to Occupancy.

The session will be held on Dec. 8 at 1447 Waverley St. Topics to be discussed include: City of Winnipeg Part 3 Design Summary; Relevant Code Definitions; Major Occupancy and Subsidiary Occupancy, Application of Subsection 3.2.2 Building Size and Construction Relative to Occupancy for a Building with One Major Occupancy; Buildings with Multiple Major Occupancies; The 10% Rule: Fire Separation Requirements for Major Occupancies; and Workshop Problems.

Attendees will also receive the following software: Software that allows user to view construction requirements of Subsection 3.2.2 from the 2015 NBC and older editions dating back to 1975; Effective dates of Codes and Building Bylaws in Manitoba; and Definitions in the 2015 NBC.

Leading the session are industry veteran Dr. John Frye and plan examiner Geoff Mikolayenko. For 26 years, Dr. Frye worked with the City of Winnipeg Building Inspections Department. He has held several senior positions including Manager of the Plan Examination Branch and Assistant to the Manager of Building Inspections. Throughout his career, he also actively participated in numerous provincial, national and international committees related to building codes and standards.

Meanwhile, Mikolayenko is a certified engineering technologist with 21 years of industry experience. As the present senior building plan examiner for the City of Winnipeg, he supervises junior plan examiners, and the examination of plans for large construction projects to ensure compliance with the Manitoba Building Code.


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