New application and study portal benefits Gold Seal certification candidates

Gold Seal

The Gold Seal Certification program, the leading certification program for Canadian construction management professionals such as estimators, superintendents, project managers and safety coordinators, has announded the launch of  an online application and study portal.

“These changes are great,” said Barry Brown, chair of the Canadian Construction Association (CCA)’s Gold Seal committee. “Applying online is environmentally friendly and helps us and the local construction associations reduce the review time which benefits the applicants. Also, the online study portal will make it easier for applicants to get ready for their certification exam.”

Apply for Gold Seal certification online, see the status of your application

Initially online applications are available for Gold Seal Certification applicants in English only; however, French-speaking applicants were to be able to submit their applications online by March 2013.

Replacing paper-based applications, the new system is simple to use. In addition to basic personal information, all the applicants need is information detailing their experience, scanned copies of their certificates as well as a debit or credit card for payment.

Lorraine Pelrine, regional EHS manager for Quantum Murray LP was the first one to submit an online application. “It was easy to use and the pop ups along the way were very helpful,” she said. “Since a few of my colleagues had gone through the old process I was aware of what was required and had all the documentation prepared. The notification that the payment had successfully gone through on a secure payment portal gave me great peace of mind, same for receiving a status notification that my application was successfully submitted and later on reviewed.”

Once an application is submitted, the local construction association reviews it and electronically submits it for final review by a national reviewer. “The new online application process eliminates applications getting lost in mail and cuts down the review time,” said Faith Chen, professional development co-ordinator for the Toronto Construction Association who reviews Gold Seal Certification applications for her association.

The new online application process enables applicants to log back in to see what is happening with their application. Also, applicants are sent automated emails when their application moves from one stage to another.

Online study portal helps prepare for the certification exam

Initially available for the construction safety coordinator designation as well as for all designations in the general contracting discipline, the study portal will be available for all disciplines by the end of the year. Using the portal, applicants can now better prepare for their Gold Seal Certification exam. “We used to send this material by mail so in addition to being more environmentally conscious, we’re making this material available to the applicants faster and eliminating the risk of the material getting lost on the way or in peoples’ homes,” said Stephanie Wallace who manages the Gold Seal Certification program.

Reviewing basic information and taking practice exams is now mandatory. “I think the new system will help the candidates immensely,” said Stephanie. “Some candidates were surprised by the exam because they had not taken notice of the study package that was sent to them.”

Gold Seal Certification candidates receive login credentials for the study portal following the approval of their application. The study portal shows candidates how many days until their scheduled exam. Also, they can review their discipline’s snapshot profile and the related exam specifications. “The problem is that people “wear many hats” at work. This information clarifies what we regard as what, for example, a general contracting project manager typically does,” explained Stephanie. The study portal also includes practice tests for different parts of the certification exam.

More information on Gold Seal Certification is available from the Gold Seal website A video walking potential Gold Seal Certification candidates through the application process is also available on YouTube at

Gold Seal Certification program recognizes achieved excellence in the management of construction in the heavy civil, industrial, commercial and institutional sectors of the construction industry in Canada. The program is supported by Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and managed by the national Gold Seal Committee. The certification issued to successful Gold Seal applicants recognizes personal achievement of a nationally-recognized standard of education, experience and excellence in construction in one of five designations: superintendent, estimator, project manager, owner’s project manager or construction safety coordinator. Currently there are over to 8,000 Gold Seal Certified construction management professionals.


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