Pomerleau refocuses its vision and values following coast-to-coast expansion


Pomerleau Inc., one of Canada’s leading builders in the institutional, industrial, commercial, infrastructure and civil works sectors, has unveiled its new corporate vision and new values.

After a coast-to-coast expansion and the celebration of its 50th anniversary, both in 2016, Pomerleau decided to revisit its corporate vision and values.

“It was a perfect moment to reflect on our evolution and our future goals—and the ideal time for us to rethink a vision and values that are in line with our ambitions,” said president and CEO Pierre Pomerleau.

“These are values ​​that will grow with us—and that will make us grow. They will guide our behaviour and our decisions from now on,” he explained. Internal focus groups with employees from across the organization was essential to this rethinking.

Pomerleau’s vision, “Rethinking construction together, from concept to completion. Everywhere. All the time. Period” is strongly supported by five values:

Authenticity: Our relationships are strong, stable—and real. Our family approach, our transparency, our integrity and our dedication create true long-lasting value.

Excellence: Pomerleau sets the bar high. On all our projects. Internally and externally. Rigour, perseverance and expertise guarantee performance.

Adaptability: Understanding the needs of our clients and all of our stakeholders is our first priority. With creative agility and collaborative team spirit, we bring solutions to the table that meet the changing needs of a competitive industry.

Innovation: It’s popular for companies to cite innovation as a key value. At Pomerleau, our innovations are organic, courageous and humble, all at the same time. They empower our people and our clients to achieve their objectives. Efficiently and effectively. And they contribute to the success of an entire industry.

Love: Yes—love. Love of ideas and of carrying them through. Love of people, love of results, love of finding unparalleled solutions for the benefits of our communities. At Pomerleau, we truly care.

Francis Pomerleau, president of Pomerleau’s Canadian building operations, was particularly enthusiastic about the Love value. “To be successful in business, love thy people,” he explained. “It’s important to give them challenges, and allow them to accomplish great things.”

Pierre Pomerleau said: “If you love what you do, you are going to make the extra effort to make yourself better and make this company better.”

A video featuring Pierre and Francis Pomerleau explaining the values from a personal perspective is can be viewed on Pomerleau’s recently redesigned website at http://pomerleau.ca/en/news/43/pomerleau-launches-new-vision-and-values. In addition, the vision and values are defined http://pomerleau.ca/en/12/the-pomerleau-way.


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