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Modular home talk of the town in Berwick, N.S.

Christine Nielsen and George White’s house is as fascinating as it is practical. The CSA modular home, in Berwick, N.S., designed by Halifax architect Nicholas Fudge...

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Citizens give input on Cornwall, Ont. new waterfront plan

Cornwall, Ont. is asking its citizens for input on its proposed new waterfront plan. Michael Tocher, a partner with thinc design -- the Toronto-based urban design...

Federal government invests in Nanaimo Port Authority infrastructure improvements

The federal government recently announced that it will invest more than $6.3 million for a project at the Nanaimo Port Authority that will help local...


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About the Construction News and Report Group of Companies

About the Construction News and Report Group of Companies

The Construction News and Report Group of Companies publishes regional and national publications, websites and e-letters for the architectural, engineering and construction community....


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